Kam Patel

Curriculum Vitae

MD & Vice President Sales, EMEA

FINE POINT TECHNOLOGIES                                                                     Leicester
Dec 2001 – Jul 2002

  • Reporting to the Board of Directors, and responsible for setting up all corporate functions, including Development, Sales, Marketing, and Finance.
  • Responsible for the formulation and execution of major policies, programs and objectives to promote and ensure the continuing success and growth
  • Full responsibility & accountability for all program areas, not otherwise administered by the Board.
  • In addition to successful operational and P&L management, leading successful private financing efforts, including planning and developing significant strategic partnerships in hardware, software and SI’s.
  • Guiding the company’s product and market strategies in the region, and articulating Fine Point’s technical vision, value proposition and product plans to analysts, customers, partners, investors and employees.
  • Developing and administering operating and capital budgets and implementing authorised programs.
  • Providing leadership, direction and supervisory guidance to the staff, praising performance and the directing of personnel changes, additions, or other actions as may be essential to achievement of goals with a direct reporting line back to the board.


  • Exceeded goal of setting up European Office within the year’s remit and established Fine Point in Europe.
  • Closed a number of major deals with several PTT’s, Carriers, Wireless Broadband Providers and Internet Service Providers in and around Europe resulting in increased revenue
  • Developed & built relationships to aid private financing efforts and planned major strategic partnerships.
  • Developed and administered operating and capital budgets and implementing authorised programs, showing positive returns on investment and P&L within 4 months.
  • Recruited and trained 4-man team to drive business in Europe.